The perils of ‘home working’…

//The perils of ‘home working’…

We are unfortunately only too familiar with the perils of home working.  In our heads we imagine rising at our leisure, feasting on an enjoyable yet nutritious breakfast and then sitting down at our clean white desk complete with stylish accoutrements, dressed in sophisticated loungewear, turning on our iMac and beginning our day.  The reality is, in our experience, somewhat different and goes a little something like this:

  • Wake and check emails immediately, in bed, because we have no fixed working hours, because we ‘work from home’ and therefore work 24/7.
  • Rise, already frazzled from email checking, rush breakfast. Stressed.
  • If you have children of school age, deal with the manic morning mahem until you shepherd them out of the door.
  • Sit down to work in PJs/gym clothes (though we haven’t actually been to the gym and are desperately trying to convince ourselves that at least the thought counts).
  • No clean white desk, settle at kitchen table/balance laptop on knee on sofa, tolerate partner/child/housemate interruptions all day.
  • At 5pm realise we haven’t moved. Or eaten. Or spoken to another living soul.
  • Spend evening covertly checking emails as we still feel like we are ‘at work’.

If this is your experience don’t be lonely!  Come and work with us at our Hot Desk Hub.  You’ll have people to bounce off, a clear separation from home and work which will aid your productivity no end and it won’t hurt your professional image either.  We believe you will work better and therefore be more productive and the best part is, the Hub is completely flexible, so you can come and go as you please.  Clean white work space? Yes please.

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