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Covid safety and our workspace – October update

At Windermere Works we recognise the need to safeguard the wellbeing of those that have need to utilise our hot desk and co-work spaces and are now fully open for business with Covid security safeguards [...]

Are you the best kept secret?

By Windermere Works co-founder Gavin Preston I get frustrated every time I hear the phrase “we are the industry’s best kept secret” or “we are our clients best kept secret”. Being a secret is not [...]

South Lakes businesses show their support for start-ups.

Five local companies; Progression Solicitors, Windermere Works, Flock, Kitty In Pink and The Quirky Coach (aka The Quirky Traveller) have shown their support for young local businesses by giving their services free of charge in [...]

Oh no. Not again. We have another cashflow crisis!

- By Gavin Preston Cashflow is good. Your bank account is looking healthy….and then ‘wham’ something happens that turns the cashflow situation on its head. Maybe you lose a big order / customer, the tax [...]

What is your company truly brilliant at?

What is your business or organisation truly brilliant at? In what areas do you add most value to the market place? Amazon is brilliant at logistics and this is where it adds most value delivering [...]